How “Star wars” finally turned into a movie for Millennials

The main fan of the Saga in the editorial office of British GQ finally realized why he did not like the latest trilogy. It’s just that everything has become too sterile, and even on the dark side there are no normal villains-all sullen teenagers.

The players are getting younger every year. The police are almost children. And girls look more and more young. After a certain age, such observations become inevitable. Alas, this also applies to Star wars. When “the force Awakens” was released in 2015, I had a lot of doubts about the merits of the new trilogy. Too many references, too many virtues. I used to ignore this tedious voice in my head – after all, the film has many advantages. But the strength to endure no longer – at the end of the Saga finally rolled into a movie for Millennials.

Ray, Finn, kylo Ren, Po (already sounds like a new line-up of “Teletubbies”) are similar to the heroes of the film adaptation of a teenage novel, not a space epic. It Smells Like Twilight. The actors seem decent, but now they have come together – and there is no room on the screen for the scoundrels and scoundrels who once gave a deliberately simplified universe of George Lucas true depth. Take Rey: a brave, one-in-the-field warrior-a real heroine. True, it is absolutely inexpressive and terribly boring. Finn seems like a dark horse at first, but that impression quickly fades. They just forget about PoE Dameron all the time. Tragic and throwing a pick Ren put him on a par with ray and give the Saga of excessive theatricality. All the main characters are similar to each other. It’s like someone started a spin-off about Doctor Who assistants, but without the Doctor himself.

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