4 films in which viewers wanted to see other actors. And were very wrong

Too often, the opinions of producers and viewers differ. Especially when it comes to biographical films or film adaptations of popular works. However, it is not always worth looking back at public opinion, because often after the release of a picture of the fans there are more than those who are not satisfied.

Jennifer Lawrence

After Jennifer’s claim to be Katniss, the fans of the novels were seriously worried: they said that she did not look hungry enough, and the Oscar nominee was too recognizable for this role. No one was so sure of success as Lawrence herself and film director Gary Ross. The actress turned out to be a fan of The Hunger Games and was able to fully reveal the character, for which she repeatedly received awards.

Joaquin Phoenix

Before the release of the trailer, few believed in the success of the film and Joaquin’s candidacy for the lead role. The Phoenix was called too old and more like a Joker minion than himself, and the film itself was unnecessary, since the character does not need a separate story and exists only as Batman’s enemy. However, Joaquin is now given an Oscar for Best Actor, and the film has become the highest grossing project with a rating of R.

Henry Cavill

After a first look at Henry in the image of Geralt, fans of games and books rebelled: he was scolded for his Hollywood appearance, inappropriate physique and much more. Dissatisfaction gradually died away when the teasers and trailers of the series began to appear, and with the release of the series they almost disappeared.

Cavill pleased everyone: he showed exactly the cold and prudent killer of monsters from books and even masterfully copied the voice of understudy Doug Kokl, who voiced Geralt in games. Even the writer himself said: “Just as Viggo Mortensen presented his face to Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings – approx. Bright Side), Henry gave his face to Geralt – and it will always be like that.”

Gillian Andersen

The key to success in the show of those times was rather busty blondes, so one of the candidates for the role of Scully was considered by Pamela Anderson. The choice of the young actress Gillian at first even caused a negative reaction. However, contrary to expectations, it was the chemistry that was felt between her and David Duchovny that made the project so successful.

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