6 of our mistakes in hotels, because of which we risk losing our health and nerves

Too often, the opinions of producers and viewers differ. Especially when it comes to biographical films or film adaptations of popular works. However, it is not always worth looking back at public opinion, because often after the release of a picture of the fans there are more than those who are not satisfied.

It is difficult to find a person who has never stayed in a hotel: the number of international tourists last year reached 1.4 billion. Despite this, in the hotel we behave incorrectly from time to time. And often we don’t even suspect about it.

When taking a shower, leave the bathroom door open

Staying in a single room, we often do not close the bathroom door, going to the shower. But in vain: the shower in hotels generates plentiful steam, and the fire alarm in the rooms has high sensitivity. Shower is one of the reasons for the smoke detector to trigger a false alarm in hotels, so the next time you bother to close the door when you want to take a bath or shower.

Peek into the minibar

Even if you did not plan to take anything from the minibar, you probably looked in there out of idle interest. Curiosity can cost money: many of them have sensors that fire when the door opens. Therefore, during an eviction, the administrator may present you with an invoice, although you have not touched bottles and products.

Store personal care products on a shelf in the bathroom

It’s very convenient to arrange cosmetics, bath and hygiene items on a shelf in the bathroom of the room – you don’t have to rummage through a suitcase every time. But this is how you expose yourself to the maximum risk of encountering pathogenic bacteria. According to a study, a dressing table is the dirtiest part in a hotel room.

Use disposable toothbrushes

Finding a kit with hygiene items in your room is nice even when your own is in your suitcase. Alas, disposable toothbrushes can harm gums and teeth – they are cheap and are available in large quantities, so the manufacturer does not particularly think about stiffness, shape and other criteria.

Of course, if you brush your teeth once, nothing will happen. Those who travel often should take their brush or buy it at a nearby store.

Do not leave keys at the reception when leaving the hotel

Many hotels ask you to leave your keys when you leave somewhere. This is done in order to know for sure that the room can be cleaned, because the guest is definitely absent (rather than sleeping or taking a shower). Secondly, you will not have a chance to lose the key.

Wear disposable slippers

They can only be worn if hotel shoes have been packed in a disposable sealed bag. Most often you will find just such slippers. But if you see neatly slippers without packaging, do not use them – most likely, they have not been changed after the previous guest.

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