What is anime?

Anime is a special kind of animated film. Ordinary cartoons anime can not be called. These are “children’s movies for adults” or “adult movies for children”.

The founders of the anime genre are considered to be the Japanese. It was their lively and inquisitive mind that came up with the idea of creating films with “deceptive” children’s attributes: bright colors, emphasized children’s doll faces, appropriate voice-over and behavior of the characters, ways of expressing their emotions. But for all the seeming naivety, anime is designed more for teenage and adult audiences than for children. And this is the paradox of the genre presented.
Japanese cartoons are strikingly different from the Western “classics” -someone likes it, and someone is so different irritates and even scares, because it seems incomprehensible. But in any case, there are few indifferent to this cartoon genre.

Anime can be and voluminous genre series with an abundance of characters, dynamic plot, emotional perception of the world by the heroes of the film and often — for more expressionism-anime generously fueled by elements of fiction, action, mysticism and horror.

Where do Japanese sources of inspiration come from? Often the characters are a drawn embodiment of computer characters in popular games, as well as comic book characters, short stories, or, what happens much less often, cartoon characters come from classical literature. There are also anime with a completely independent story, not drawn from other sources. In this case, the anime itself becomes the basis of comics, short stories, computer games.

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